Negative Customer Feedback? Here is What to Do

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Most customers are quick in matters of sharing negative experiences or feedbacks online. If any negative feedback becomes viral then it may be a headache for any online business owner. However the reaction of knee jerk can make things worst further. The next time when you get a negative tweet or an angry comment in place of being defensive just find a solution that will solve your customer’s problem and protect the online reputation of your company. So negative customer feedback, here is what to do. In this article we are sharing tips of some most reputed business tycoons to deal with customer’s negative feedback.

Let us share some tips to deal with negative feedback of customers:-
1) Become objective
Nobody prefers a defensive CEO or general director. Thus you should accept criticism with a peaceful and open mind. You should also show your readiness to change. Though being objective is very hard yet a response will make you look unique from the crowd in the long run.

2) Listen carefully
The best tip to grow and improve your business is to listen. When someone makes a complaint in a public forum or online business community then you should listen and find out its reason why. Further you should fix the problem then you can win back your customer.

3) Know when you should comment and when you may walk away
When to post a negative comment you should think about its motive. Just investigate whether your customer is trolling you or did he really have a negative experience? If it is true then move forward and listen to the online issues of your customer. If the negativity of the customer is due to user experience then try to fix it quickly.

4) Take a follow up a week later
Even after taking an initial response from your customer you must take a follow up a week later. Just check it properly. Just say to him “just checking in, though we tried to fix your problem yet if there is anything to do then tell us.” This shows your afflicted customer that you care about his issues not just attending a single specific complaint. Just Like, if you plan to use WordPress and WooCommerce for your online store, check out my 10 best WordPress themes for eCommerce. This also shows publicly that your company takes a follow up for the benefit of its customers.

5) Attend it offline
If you discover a negative comment from your customer then you can start acknowledging the post. Just ask his contact info in a polite tone to solve the issue offline. The last thing to do is solving this issue publicly. If the comment is simply one from an internet troll then don’t bother about it.

6) Don’t take criticism personally
Be polite while answering negative comments of customers. Show gracious manners to them. Don’t worry how angry the comment or tweet is. You should give response to negative comments in a professional way and you should not feel personally offended. Just keep your response short and to the point on online public forums. You can seek detailed dialogue in offline mode.

7) Take your time to investigate
If you find many negative comments, tweets and feedbacks then you should take your time to investigate why so many persons are unhappy with your products or services. Just ask yourself whether responding this issue publicly will solve this issue in an effective way. Will it make you defensive in your professional behavior? You will need to put your personal ego aside.

Getting negative feedback from customers online is a common issue. You will have to deal with this problem with patience. Do not take negative feedbacks on personal level or on your ego. We can help you well about solving the problems of dissatisfaction of customers.