Top tips for small businesses to dominate local SEO


Business no matter at what level will not be able to survive without tapping the most important local area. Even Google has made all efforts to improve SEO searches for local resources. But before we go any further let’s just quickly see what these local searches actually mean. When you have created a Business WordPress theme then you would want that website to go beyond and perform well. The local search means looking at a website in the particular area using geotags and other ways to make the search more relatable and to convert the traffic. The new users might find it a little difficult to understand what is it that will help them with the site’s SEO and if there is a clear answer then you will find it in this article which explores many top tips.

Know the landscape: You should not just dive directly into anything. It is always a better idea to test the waters. There are so many who have wasted their efforts on the quest just because they were too eager to get to a point they could not decide the route for. You must not make the same mistake and hence simply go ahead and read meaningful articles about the whole concept. Even if these are not tips you should be aware of the benefits, the technicalities etc. The best and a very effective search is Google. Find out what the giant offers and expects as your final goal is also cracking the same.

Mobile optimization: This goes for any form of a website and the Business WordPress theme website for local search is no exception. In fact, most of the local searches will be made using small screen devices hence the optimization at this level is required. There are more than 88 % users who regularly make the search using their smartphones. It is also recorded that almost 50% reach the stores they were looking for within the day which clearly shows how important it is to have a website which allows easy access using mobile phones. Poor mobile experience can actually affect the image of the website.

Google listing: This will be the most important part of the SEO efforts which will put you on the map. This is an integrated way of ensuring that reviews and ratings are received which improves the ranking on the search engine. Your research made in the initial stage will come in real handy at this step. Use the Google guidelines here to get to the top of the listing. Make sure that all particulars of the business are a part of the Google page. There are many resources which will help you but one does not have to make any more efforts which are beyond the goggles guidelines.

Use local links and citations: You must have used the links for the website now is your time to actually use local links. This can be done using direct local outreach. Your sole focus here should be on the quality of the links which are provided and should not make any compromises. Once you get the hand of what you are looking for the doors will start to open up. You will see there are many opportunities and gradually you will get to associating yourself only with the ones which will benefit you.

The local SEO creation will become fun once you get the hang of it. You can pick and choose the steps and carefully start with simple ones. Once you see the results you can then pick and increase the efforts that you have made so far.




Negative Customer Feedback? Here is What to Do

customer serices

Most customers are quick in matters of sharing negative experiences or feedbacks online. If any negative feedback becomes viral then it may be a headache for any online business owner. However the reaction of knee jerk can make things worst further. The next time when you get a negative tweet or an angry comment in place of being defensive just find a solution that will solve your customer’s problem and protect the online reputation of your company. So negative customer feedback, here is what to do. In this article we are sharing tips of some most reputed business tycoons to deal with customer’s negative feedback.

Let us share some tips to deal with negative feedback of customers:-
1) Become objective
Nobody prefers a defensive CEO or general director. Thus you should accept criticism with a peaceful and open mind. You should also show your readiness to change. Though being objective is very hard yet a response will make you look unique from the crowd in the long run.

2) Listen carefully
The best tip to grow and improve your business is to listen. When someone makes a complaint in a public forum or online business community then you should listen and find out its reason why. Further you should fix the problem then you can win back your customer.

3) Know when you should comment and when you may walk away
When to post a negative comment you should think about its motive. Just investigate whether your customer is trolling you or did he really have a negative experience? If it is true then move forward and listen to the online issues of your customer. If the negativity of the customer is due to user experience then try to fix it quickly.

4) Take a follow up a week later
Even after taking an initial response from your customer you must take a follow up a week later. Just check it properly. Just say to him “just checking in, though we tried to fix your problem yet if there is anything to do then tell us.” This shows your afflicted customer that you care about his issues not just attending a single specific complaint. Just Like, if you plan to use WordPress and WooCommerce for your online store, check out my 10 best WordPress themes for eCommerce. This also shows publicly that your company takes a follow up for the benefit of its customers.

5) Attend it offline
If you discover a negative comment from your customer then you can start acknowledging the post. Just ask his contact info in a polite tone to solve the issue offline. The last thing to do is solving this issue publicly. If the comment is simply one from an internet troll then don’t bother about it.

6) Don’t take criticism personally
Be polite while answering negative comments of customers. Show gracious manners to them. Don’t worry how angry the comment or tweet is. You should give response to negative comments in a professional way and you should not feel personally offended. Just keep your response short and to the point on online public forums. You can seek detailed dialogue in offline mode.

7) Take your time to investigate
If you find many negative comments, tweets and feedbacks then you should take your time to investigate why so many persons are unhappy with your products or services. Just ask yourself whether responding this issue publicly will solve this issue in an effective way. Will it make you defensive in your professional behavior? You will need to put your personal ego aside.

Getting negative feedback from customers online is a common issue. You will have to deal with this problem with patience. Do not take negative feedbacks on personal level or on your ego. We can help you well about solving the problems of dissatisfaction of customers.


Principles to Design a Great WordPress Theme

great wp theme

While developing web pages on the platform of WordPress the collection of unique features can make you an owner of website with integrity. In fact you can develop one of the best created website on the internet. However if you forget to follow some basic principles then you may find stuck yourself at the end. Thus it is very essential for you to remember some vital rules while using top WordPress themes on the platform of WordPress. In this post we will talk about some principles to design a great WordPress theme.
Here are some basic principles that need to be followed while developing web pages on the platform of WordPress:-
1) You should validate your code in a proper way. This is one of the most essential and basic principles to follow while designing a WordPress theme. You will have to validate your work and ensure proper validation code too. CSS, HTML are the areas where you will have to pay attention at the time of getting proper validation. If you are an experienced web user then you will certainly appreciate this rule about systematic validation of rules.
2) Your WordPress themes should be able to work well and fast on all web browsers. Yes today internet has introduced many web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. You should develop such a website theme powered by WordPress that it can run fast on any kind of web browser then your website visitors will feel comfortable while browsing your website.
3) You should comment your code regularly. This is a nice and healthy practice of WordPress theme developers. As a web developer if you have made modifications to your WP theme then you should follow this rule.
4) You should always try to develop such a such a WordPress theme that has original components. Then only you will be able to attract visitors to your web pages. Web surfers are more intelligent than your imagination, they can easily identify which theme is original and which one is copied one. If you copy others then your theme may become unimpressive and net users may ignore your website. It may happen that search engines like Google may spam your site. Daily hundreds of websites are developed on the platform of WordPress. Thus you will get website traffic only when your theme is unique and outstanding from others.
5) Always make your WordPress theme in such a way that it may be ready for test run at any time. Whenever you format the code of your content just be sure that it can handle all default content at WP themes without hassles. This can be easily done by performing a test run to give an accurate feedback about your WordPress Website. If you feel that your website design is not so perfect then it can be edited so that it may appear perfect in the second look.
6) If you develop a beautiful website with zero quality content that it won’t be proper. Content is the king so it is very essential to add some quality content and qualify your WordPress theme to promote it on the web. Just create impressive content if you want to run and win in the long race. If you upload images on your website without any proper content then you won’t get visitors.
If you are a professional developer of WordPress themes then you should follow some basic principles to make them a success on the web. If you want proper guidance in this concern then we at SKT Themes can guide you well to develop masterpiece themes.

Why Want to Check for Broken Links on Your Website


All of us know that the web is composed of network of links. These links are used for content, connection of web pages or retrieving other kind of data. You will find thousands of these links that are given in a website. When these links become broken this could appear the appearance as well as functionality of your pages. It could lead to a bunch of problems ranging from annoying of the audience to questioning the validity of your website data or content. Thus today we will discuss why want to check for broken links on your website.

A part of SEO or search engine optimization is to make sure that all links of your website work well. Whenever any website link shows 404 error, it works against you at the time of search engine results. Search engines like Google control the functionality of websites in high regards. If you do not want to get penalized then you will need to make sure that all links of your website are working properly and are active.

Website links function well in keeping yourself credible as a website developer or content author. When these links are broken it makes you appear like a non professional. One of the essential factors is to keep up your reputation by making sure that you site is working well. Or else it demonstrates visitors that you are not careful about your work experiences. If you install web based platforms like WordPress then be aware of broken links or else people may stop visiting your website

If a website has a clean and professional appearance then it will enjoy higher rates of conversion than that one which has a bad or broken link or even and incorrect URL. Thus it will affect your conversion rates especially if the links provided by you lead to services and products that you sell online. If visitors are not able to visit these pages then they won’t be able to buy anything.

Links keep up the appearance of your website in a consistent way. Today so many websites are available on the web that people are less trusting abandoned website. Broken links of websites are often a sign that someone has ignored a site for a definite period of time. This may lessen the trust of your visitors who may leave your site and move to a competent site that is regularly managed well. It is just like maintaining cleanliness your mortar-bricks business. You will not like anybody walking into your café if its floors are dirty.

Links do more than sending a person to your new website on the web. They have the responsibility for pulling data, graphics, WP themes and even maintaining applications. When you link to the website of some other person then you have to trust that this page will remain forever. Unfortunately this is always not the case as website owners change formats and eliminate archives or even close down their website completely.

Many people forget that deleting any photo or image from the website will create a broken link screen, to appear in the empty place of image. This may appear bad if the image is uploaded in many different images. If you link your pages together then it will help in doing SEO as well as guide visitors. The link of your website may get broken if the page is moved, deleted or renamed. Sometimes you may spell your URL incorrectly.

You should keep on checking if your website is having any broken links. If you find any then fix it quickly or else it could affect the credibility of your website. We can help you to revive the dead links of your website at an affordable cost.

Benefits of CMS Open Source Development for Web Design and Development


In this post we are going to discuss the same. However first of all we should know what content management system is and what open source CMS is. When we talk of content management system CMS we will realize that the system of our website is built on it. This system enables you to log in and customize the features of your website, including publishing, editing as well as managing and deleting the content. If you use a content management system you won’t need to know how to do coding to make most changes. On the other hand Open Source CMS is a platform that is built by using a code that is readily available for anybody to use, copy, edit and distribute it in any way they like to do. This kind of system is very often developed and improved relying on the output of many people. Some best examples of open source content management system are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

A nonprofit creates a website with a web design company by using an open source CMS. After a couple of years their hosting company charges money from them every month for keeping up their work on the web. However this nonprofit company cannot switch CMS providers without commencing from a scratch because their site is being created on the open source CMS of the company. Thus we cannot say freely that open source CMS are crooks. You will find many excellent companies in the market. One thing to note is that with a proprietary CMS you may get locked in the long term. If you select a company that gradually goes out of its business would come down and shut off forever because you may be out of luck.

With an open source content management system you can find and come across plenty of other developers that can work well with your website coding language. We have made changes in websites of plenty of organizations that came to us with a website built by someone else on WordPress. While perhaps we needed to adjust the code or make some other kind of modifications that we can work well with the existing system.

Another outstanding benefit of CMS open source development is that it gets updated from time to time by their community. Take for example we almost use WordPress as a content management system. It is constantly updated and improved from time to time. By installing these current updates you can make it sure that your system is taking benefit of the latest technologies and is safe from bugs, spyware, malware and helps to boost both security as well as performance.

There is no doubt in the fact that open source CMS is cheaper than others. You can get full value of your money with an open source CMS solution. In our opinion the main reason behind the popularity of this CMS is its cost effectiveness that is very much liked by the online community. The primary benefit of this aspect is that open source CMS is available for an affordable price even after updating its features and launching new plugins.

If you have paid or free WP templates then you should be aware about the benefits of CMS open source development for web design and development. If you want to get the best website management then open source CMS can help you well with its unique benefits. Firstly it is fully affordable to your pocket. On the other hand the experts of this CMS update its features without charging extra money.

Best WordPress Login Page Plugins


Even if you have chosen the best WordPress templates you have to bother about the best WordPress login page plugins. The page from which any visitor logins your website is the main door about your website’s area of administration. You will have to make it secure even if you make it easy for website visitors to login into it. Your default login page at WordPress is very plain and it appears to be similar on all sites of WordPress. If you run a website by WordPress that is being accessed by multiple users then you will need to customize its features. You may also enhance the login experience on your WP website without making any compromise with WordPress security. Let us know about some unique WordPress login plugin tools that will improve your login experience at WordPress.

Here are some unique WordPress login tools that will improve your WordPress login experience:-
1) WP Forms
WP Forms is one of the best WordPress form plugins with which you can login to your WordPress account. It has a very mighty user registration and login system. It enables you to create your own custom user registration and login form with a couple of clicks. You can add WP Forms on any page of your WordPress site.

2) Theme My Login
Theme My Login is a special WordPress login plugin. If you want your users to make registration for login but do not get access to your admin area then this plugin by WordPress is nice. Theme My Login is a well known WordPress plugin that enables you to create customized WordPress login pages. With this plugin you can make use of any page on your site for login, registration and setting up login passwords for your WordPress sites.

3) Temporary Login without Password
This is such an amazing login plugin tool developed by WordPress. If you want to provide temporary access to a WordPress user to your WP website then this tool is the best one for this. This tool enables your users to get temporary access to your WordPress account without having or creating any kind of administration. In this technology you can impose an expiry date or time for any user to get temporary login without password.

4) Login Lockdown
We have seen that WordPress do not deny access to users who try logins multiple times with wrong passwords. This helps hackers to crack down your password using automatic scripts. Login Lockdown is such a plugin tool that limits the number of logins with wrong passwords and failed attempts. This is such a login tool that locks the login screen for that suspicious user for limited time duration.

5) Nextend FaceBook Connect
If you want to add a security login button in your FaceBook account and WordPress site then Nextend FaceBook Connect can be the best solution for you. This is a login plugin developed by WordPress. It allows you to easy login into your FaceBook account through WordPress login screen. It enables your WordPress users to login with relative ease. Here they won’t need to use or enter any password.

6) Remember Me
If you do not have knowledge about the plugin Remember Me on WordPress then it will forget your login details as soon you close your login browser page. Remember Me plugin enables you to automatically check and remember the option of this login tool each time when you or your user makes a login to your WordPress site.

When you design a WordPress site then you should bother about its login security because different users with different intentions may try to login to your website. WordPress login plugin tools make your WordPress site safe for login. We at SKT themes can help you to choose the best login plugin tools at affordable prices.

What is WordPress Cloning?



If you are a user of free WordPress templates then you may ask what is WordPress cloning? WordPress cloning is a procedure or technique with which you can move any WordPress file to a different hosting server. The concept behind cloning a WordPress website is not to complex. You can create an identical or duplicate copy of any WordPress site and paste it on a different server. There are many good reasons to do cloning of WordPress pages. If you are moving any WordPress website to a new domain or website hosting server then cloning a site will save your precious time. Another possible idea to use this concept of cloning is to develop an identical site for your client. Once your project is complete then you can easily clone the WordPress site to another server or client site. Finally you can clone a live WordPress site to a local server to test and develop different purposes. Cloning a WordPress website is not too tough and you can do it in simple steps.

Let us study the steps that are involved in cloning a WordPress page:-
1)In the very first step you will have to do backup of all data that you have posted on your WordPress page. You will have to activate the plugin concerned with data backup and add it to the new menu in your WordPress control panel. When you will click on the backup wizard then the backup procedure will start. The setup wizard of backup process is very easy. First of all you will need to give an email address then you will have to enter a strong password. This password will help you to restore your site. The next option is to select a location where you want to save and store the data of WordPress backups. You can also set up or fix automatic backups of your WordPress data. You can also store backup data on your own server and then you can email it to yourself. Once you have used the setup wizard just click on save settings option to carry on.

2) Once you have activated the backup wizard you can do WordPress cloning with ease. Just go to Backup Buddy>>Restore/Migrate option to commence the cloning process. First of all you will need to download the imported files on your computer. After this step you will have to download the backup file from your backup files that are being shown on the same page.

3) In the third step you will have to upload the backup data to a brand new location. After you have taken complete backup of your WordPress site with free WordPress templates in a different folder, the next step is to upload that data into another location. This new location can be anything like a website or a local or offshore web server. If you are having a site on your local server then you just need to copy and paste the backup files in another folder. If it is a live website then you can upload the data backup files in a root directory with the help of an FTP client. If you are creating identical copies of these files then you should keep that folder empty and it should not have any other folder except the data backup file.

If you want to move your WordPress page or website to a different web server for hosting purpose then you can take help of WordPress cloning. This concept will help you to create identical copies of your WordPress page and save its content in a safe online location.

Non Profit WordPress Themes for Social Welfare Mission

Charity WordPress Theme

If you are in the field of social service then non-profit WordPress themes can help you in the mission of social welfare. These themes can help you to create a dynamic social welfare website to collect donations all over the world through online medium. Thus these themes reach the trust directly and easily. WordPress non-profit themes are considered to be the best because they have the most trustworthy content management system. These themes can be edited easily from which can easily update your content through the members staff of charitable organization.

What are the benefits of Non-Profit themes?
Here we are discussing some benefits of non-profit themes powered by WordPress:-

  • Direct donation online
    When we talk of direct donation online it means that donators trust your institution and they also feel assured that donation reaches to your trust in a direct way without any middle man. Thus even the staff of the trust feels easy to collect donated funds. They ask and request their donors to deposit funds online. This brings more donations and charity to your social service institution.
  • Easy collection of donations
    Non-profit WordPress theme based websites makes collection of social funds easy and online. It does not require submission of tax documents for people who prefer giving online charities. Even the staff of such organizations can motivate donors to their social welfare website and they can submit funds on smart phone, laptop or tablet from anywhere.
  • Get worldwide recognition
    The themes of non-profit websites give you worldwide recognition for your good work. Getting recognition for good work is indeed very essential and any people are not aware about organizations that are engaged in good deeds like social service. Thus online medium is a good means to highlight the pious deeds of social service organizations. Thus a website for non-profit work can be a good start to focus on forthcoming charitable events, galleries or previous and current work and tell visitors about the work of your organization.
  • Easy online promotion
    Non-profit themes powered by WordPress can be promoted easily on the web . You can paste widgets of social network websites like FaceBook and Twitter and update your website on them. Thus more visitors will come to your website.

Non-profit themes have easy to use features
Today giving charities, donations and raising funds have gained great popularity. Now the question may arise how to raise non-profit money or funds without any hassle. The answer is creating a dynamic nonprofit website powered by WordPress. Now if you want to create a non-profit social website then you will have to choose a suitable nonprofit theme powered by WordPress. These themes are powered by WordPress because it is the best and most trustworthy content management system. These themes have been made compatible with SEO requirements of search engines like Google and Bing. Moreover these non-profit themes are easy to run on any mobile computing device like laptop, smart phone and tablets.

About the company
We at SKT Themes have helped many social welfare organizations to create a powerful online presence. If you are a non-profit organization and want to get promoted on the web then our services could prove beneficial to you. Our nonprofit themes have been powered by WordPress. They have rich, tech savvy and customizable features. You can edit them easily whenever you need it. These themes are very cheap in cost.

SKT Themes Delivering Business WordPress Theme for Fast and Dynamic Websites

Welcome to the world of SKT themes powered by WordPress! Today SKT themes are delivering business WordPress theme for fast and dynamic websites. Business WordPress themes have gained much popularity and have become very essential to promote one’s business on the web. Any business requires an online medium so that the user or web master may interact with his customers. These themes also help the website owner to show case the profile of their company along with the services that they provide. Any kind of business needs a website with variety of tastes and various choices of web designs. The business themes of WordPress cater the needs of various designs and display various attributes and features. All these business themes have been created according to the requirements and sessions that we have created for our independent business customers. All of them have multipurpose themes that can be used on any kind of business website.

What are the unique features of business themes powered by WordPress?

Now we are going to study the unique features of WordPress business websites:-
1) Business WordPress themes have a great feel and appealing looks. Any business needs a highly corporate and professional look to get promoted on the web. Its website should appear attractive, nice and clean. The purpose behind this is to get visitors who will visit the pages of your website and stay there if your site has engaging and readable content. They will read about your business and services and generate enough interest so that they can call or contact your whenever needed. Any business website lays focus on sales and leads. Thus the business WordPress themes have a marvelous look and feel that any customer visiting your website may make him call you in the coming future.

2) Most WP themes powered by WordPress for purpose of business have a set of color picker. This is a simple color choosing system through which you can choose your favorite color with unlimited possibilities and select the most desired scheme of colors. All elements have variety of color pickers so that each element can be allotted with a suitable color and design to promote their business.

3) Most business themes powered by WordPress have fonts that are based on social networking websites. These fonts count more than 700 in number. Icons based on fonts mean that you can use them anywhere throughout your entire website. You can have their sizes with different colors and set up your website in according way.

4) If you use Google fonts then this means that you may get access to more than 650 varied styles of Google fonts. These fonts can be loaded easily from the Google server so that there is no delay due to slow loading issue. The fonts concerned with Google have font styles like bold, italics and super scripts etc. Thus they are the best way one can get desired typography on the website of your business by using business themes powered by WordPress.

5) If you have a business on multiple locations then you will need to create a multilingual business website. Such a website will help people speaking different languages to come on your website and interact with you. This is essential because it will take time to create an individual website in different language. Business WordPress theme will help you to create a website in multiple languages with the help of language translation plugin. Most people aspire for a single website that has multilingual functions. Our themes of business at WordPress offer an opportunity for you to set up a website that has language translation facility for international customers.

Conclusion:- We at SKT themes are pioneers in selling free and premium WordPress themes. These themes are either free or of an affordable cost. You can buy the best business WordPress themes from us.

Building the Perfectly Optimized Site Using WordPress

Hi everybody! Building the perfectly optimized site using WordPress platform is an art. The more you use WordPress the more you will adore it as a platform to create dynamic and beautiful websites. Most website owners sincerely appreciate the awesome features of WordPress. Being with so many knowledge experts may help you to earn a living. You can easily broadcast your thoughts and message to the audience. During last 10 years WordPress has proved itself to be one of the best and unique content management platforms. It is an open source on which you can use various plugins to enhance its usable features. You can make a website that is more search engine friendly and responsive to internet marketing.

How to optimize your WordPress site for search engines?
It is an inevitable fact that search engines play an essential role in marketing your website on the web. When we choose to focus our website on visitors then we get these visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some basis issues of search engine architecture like spiders, site analysis and indexing have to be addressed. Every website faces issues of duplicate content. In case if you do not check and current them then search engines may split into two URLs and your original web page may go down in search engine rankings.

Search engines treat and display the same URL in a different way if they appear with www or without www. It is your responsibility to configure WordPress site in such a way so that search engines may know only one version of your website URL. To set the address of your URL you should decide whether you want to use www or not. Just choose one and continue with it while promoting the website address of your WordPress site.

Once you decide which URL you will choose, be sure of creating hyperlinks in the navigation of your website. Just use the same version that you have always used so that search engines may index it on high rankings with the correct version of your website address. Search engines may yet find another version of your website address if anyone types it in a wrong way. You can prevent this by talking to a website developer about how to curb it from happening again and again.

Help engines to get your website indexed
If any search engine is not able to index your website then you won’t get a break to appear in the results of online search. In some way your WordPress settings should enable the search engines in some easy way.

Configure your URL structure
If you look at the default settings of WordPress URLs you will find numbers and parameters that designate the web page. For the purpose of internet marketing you will need URLs that make use of words and not numbers. You will get many options of customizing WordPress theme websites. The most easy and quick option is to use and display the post name of your website URL. You can use even a far more customized URL structure. This could prove great for you if you want or need your blog posts fall into the displayed category. We are big fans of post grouping that’s why we create URLs in our desired way.

Optimize your web pages
You can optimize your web pages by making use of Yoast SEO. This plugin tool is going to provide you sufficient help to customize the titles and meta descriptions of your web pages. If you do not do customization then the title tag of your web page will appear same like the page title of WordPress.

Conclusion:- WordPress is wonderful but it is not fully perfect. If you want to get your WordPress pages indexed on search engines then you have to optimize them according to the standard rules.