Principles to Design a Great WordPress Theme

great wp theme

While developing web pages on the platform of WordPress the collection of unique features can make you an owner of website with integrity. In fact you can develop one of the best created website on the internet. However if you forget to follow some basic principles then you may find stuck yourself at the end. Thus it is very essential for you to remember some vital rules while using top WordPress themes on the platform of WordPress. In this post we will talk about some principles to design a great WordPress theme.
Here are some basic principles that need to be followed while developing web pages on the platform of WordPress:-
1) You should validate your code in a proper way. This is one of the most essential and basic principles to follow while designing a WordPress theme. You will have to validate your work and ensure proper validation code too. CSS, HTML are the areas where you will have to pay attention at the time of getting proper validation. If you are an experienced web user then you will certainly appreciate this rule about systematic validation of rules.
2) Your WordPress themes should be able to work well and fast on all web browsers. Yes today internet has introduced many web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. You should develop such a website theme powered by WordPress that it can run fast on any kind of web browser then your website visitors will feel comfortable while browsing your website.
3) You should comment your code regularly. This is a nice and healthy practice of WordPress theme developers. As a web developer if you have made modifications to your WP theme then you should follow this rule.
4) You should always try to develop such a such a WordPress theme that has original components. Then only you will be able to attract visitors to your web pages. Web surfers are more intelligent than your imagination, they can easily identify which theme is original and which one is copied one. If you copy others then your theme may become unimpressive and net users may ignore your website. It may happen that search engines like Google may spam your site. Daily hundreds of websites are developed on the platform of WordPress. Thus you will get website traffic only when your theme is unique and outstanding from others.
5) Always make your WordPress theme in such a way that it may be ready for test run at any time. Whenever you format the code of your content just be sure that it can handle all default content at WP themes without hassles. This can be easily done by performing a test run to give an accurate feedback about your WordPress Website. If you feel that your website design is not so perfect then it can be edited so that it may appear perfect in the second look.
6) If you develop a beautiful website with zero quality content that it won’t be proper. Content is the king so it is very essential to add some quality content and qualify your WordPress theme to promote it on the web. Just create impressive content if you want to run and win in the long race. If you upload images on your website without any proper content then you won’t get visitors.
If you are a professional developer of WordPress themes then you should follow some basic principles to make them a success on the web. If you want proper guidance in this concern then we at SKT Themes can guide you well to develop masterpiece themes.


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