Why Want to Check for Broken Links on Your Website


All of us know that the web is composed of network of links. These links are used for content, connection of web pages or retrieving other kind of data. You will find thousands of these links that are given in a website. When these links become broken this could appear the appearance as well as functionality of your pages. It could lead to a bunch of problems ranging from annoying of the audience to questioning the validity of your website data or content. Thus today we will discuss why want to check for broken links on your website.

A part of SEO or search engine optimization is to make sure that all links of your website work well. Whenever any website link shows 404 error, it works against you at the time of search engine results. Search engines like Google control the functionality of websites in high regards. If you do not want to get penalized then you will need to make sure that all links of your website are working properly and are active.

Website links function well in keeping yourself credible as a website developer or content author. When these links are broken it makes you appear like a non professional. One of the essential factors is to keep up your reputation by making sure that you site is working well. Or else it demonstrates visitors that you are not careful about your work experiences. If you install web based platforms like WordPress then be aware of broken links or else people may stop visiting your website

If a website has a clean and professional appearance then it will enjoy higher rates of conversion than that one which has a bad or broken link or even and incorrect URL. Thus it will affect your conversion rates especially if the links provided by you lead to services and products that you sell online. If visitors are not able to visit these pages then they won’t be able to buy anything.

Links keep up the appearance of your website in a consistent way. Today so many websites are available on the web that people are less trusting abandoned website. Broken links of websites are often a sign that someone has ignored a site for a definite period of time. This may lessen the trust of your visitors who may leave your site and move to a competent site that is regularly managed well. It is just like maintaining cleanliness your mortar-bricks business. You will not like anybody walking into your café if its floors are dirty.

Links do more than sending a person to your new website on the web. They have the responsibility for pulling data, graphics, WP themes and even maintaining applications. When you link to the website of some other person then you have to trust that this page will remain forever. Unfortunately this is always not the case as website owners change formats and eliminate archives or even close down their website completely.

Many people forget that deleting any photo or image from the website will create a broken link screen, to appear in the empty place of image. This may appear bad if the image is uploaded in many different images. If you link your pages together then it will help in doing SEO as well as guide visitors. The link of your website may get broken if the page is moved, deleted or renamed. Sometimes you may spell your URL incorrectly.

You should keep on checking if your website is having any broken links. If you find any then fix it quickly or else it could affect the credibility of your website. We can help you to revive the dead links of your website at an affordable cost.


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