Best WordPress Login Page Plugins


Even if you have chosen the best WordPress templates you have to bother about the best WordPress login page plugins. The page from which any visitor logins your website is the main door about your website’s area of administration. You will have to make it secure even if you make it easy for website visitors to login into it. Your default login page at WordPress is very plain and it appears to be similar on all sites of WordPress. If you run a website by WordPress that is being accessed by multiple users then you will need to customize its features. You may also enhance the login experience on your WP website without making any compromise with WordPress security. Let us know about some unique WordPress login plugin tools that will improve your login experience at WordPress.

Here are some unique WordPress login tools that will improve your WordPress login experience:-
1) WP Forms
WP Forms is one of the best WordPress form plugins with which you can login to your WordPress account. It has a very mighty user registration and login system. It enables you to create your own custom user registration and login form with a couple of clicks. You can add WP Forms on any page of your WordPress site.

2) Theme My Login
Theme My Login is a special WordPress login plugin. If you want your users to make registration for login but do not get access to your admin area then this plugin by WordPress is nice. Theme My Login is a well known WordPress plugin that enables you to create customized WordPress login pages. With this plugin you can make use of any page on your site for login, registration and setting up login passwords for your WordPress sites.

3) Temporary Login without Password
This is such an amazing login plugin tool developed by WordPress. If you want to provide temporary access to a WordPress user to your WP website then this tool is the best one for this. This tool enables your users to get temporary access to your WordPress account without having or creating any kind of administration. In this technology you can impose an expiry date or time for any user to get temporary login without password.

4) Login Lockdown
We have seen that WordPress do not deny access to users who try logins multiple times with wrong passwords. This helps hackers to crack down your password using automatic scripts. Login Lockdown is such a plugin tool that limits the number of logins with wrong passwords and failed attempts. This is such a login tool that locks the login screen for that suspicious user for limited time duration.

5) Nextend FaceBook Connect
If you want to add a security login button in your FaceBook account and WordPress site then Nextend FaceBook Connect can be the best solution for you. This is a login plugin developed by WordPress. It allows you to easy login into your FaceBook account through WordPress login screen. It enables your WordPress users to login with relative ease. Here they won’t need to use or enter any password.

6) Remember Me
If you do not have knowledge about the plugin Remember Me on WordPress then it will forget your login details as soon you close your login browser page. Remember Me plugin enables you to automatically check and remember the option of this login tool each time when you or your user makes a login to your WordPress site.

When you design a WordPress site then you should bother about its login security because different users with different intentions may try to login to your website. WordPress login plugin tools make your WordPress site safe for login. We at SKT themes can help you to choose the best login plugin tools at affordable prices.


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