What is WordPress Cloning?



If you are a user of free WordPress templates then you may ask what is WordPress cloning? WordPress cloning is a procedure or technique with which you can move any WordPress file to a different hosting server. The concept behind cloning a WordPress website is not to complex. You can create an identical or duplicate copy of any WordPress site and paste it on a different server. There are many good reasons to do cloning of WordPress pages. If you are moving any WordPress website to a new domain or website hosting server then cloning a site will save your precious time. Another possible idea to use this concept of cloning is to develop an identical site for your client. Once your project is complete then you can easily clone the WordPress site to another server or client site. Finally you can clone a live WordPress site to a local server to test and develop different purposes. Cloning a WordPress website is not too tough and you can do it in simple steps.

Let us study the steps that are involved in cloning a WordPress page:-
1)In the very first step you will have to do backup of all data that you have posted on your WordPress page. You will have to activate the plugin concerned with data backup and add it to the new menu in your WordPress control panel. When you will click on the backup wizard then the backup procedure will start. The setup wizard of backup process is very easy. First of all you will need to give an email address then you will have to enter a strong password. This password will help you to restore your site. The next option is to select a location where you want to save and store the data of WordPress backups. You can also set up or fix automatic backups of your WordPress data. You can also store backup data on your own server and then you can email it to yourself. Once you have used the setup wizard just click on save settings option to carry on.

2) Once you have activated the backup wizard you can do WordPress cloning with ease. Just go to Backup Buddy>>Restore/Migrate option to commence the cloning process. First of all you will need to download the imported files on your computer. After this step you will have to download the backup file from your backup files that are being shown on the same page.

3) In the third step you will have to upload the backup data to a brand new location. After you have taken complete backup of your WordPress site with free WordPress templates in a different folder, the next step is to upload that data into another location. This new location can be anything like a website or a local or offshore web server. If you are having a site on your local server then you just need to copy and paste the backup files in another folder. If it is a live website then you can upload the data backup files in a root directory with the help of an FTP client. If you are creating identical copies of these files then you should keep that folder empty and it should not have any other folder except the data backup file.

If you want to move your WordPress page or website to a different web server for hosting purpose then you can take help of WordPress cloning. This concept will help you to create identical copies of your WordPress page and save its content in a safe online location.


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