Building the Perfectly Optimized Site Using WordPress

Hi everybody! Building the perfectly optimized site using WordPress platform is an art. The more you use WordPress the more you will adore it as a platform to create dynamic and beautiful websites. Most website owners sincerely appreciate the awesome features of WordPress. Being with so many knowledge experts may help you to earn a living. You can easily broadcast your thoughts and message to the audience. During last 10 years WordPress has proved itself to be one of the best and unique content management platforms. It is an open source on which you can use various plugins to enhance its usable features. You can make a website that is more search engine friendly and responsive to internet marketing.

How to optimize your WordPress site for search engines?
It is an inevitable fact that search engines play an essential role in marketing your website on the web. When we choose to focus our website on visitors then we get these visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some basis issues of search engine architecture like spiders, site analysis and indexing have to be addressed. Every website faces issues of duplicate content. In case if you do not check and current them then search engines may split into two URLs and your original web page may go down in search engine rankings.

Search engines treat and display the same URL in a different way if they appear with www or without www. It is your responsibility to configure WordPress site in such a way so that search engines may know only one version of your website URL. To set the address of your URL you should decide whether you want to use www or not. Just choose one and continue with it while promoting the website address of your WordPress site.

Once you decide which URL you will choose, be sure of creating hyperlinks in the navigation of your website. Just use the same version that you have always used so that search engines may index it on high rankings with the correct version of your website address. Search engines may yet find another version of your website address if anyone types it in a wrong way. You can prevent this by talking to a website developer about how to curb it from happening again and again.

Help engines to get your website indexed
If any search engine is not able to index your website then you won’t get a break to appear in the results of online search. In some way your WordPress settings should enable the search engines in some easy way.

Configure your URL structure
If you look at the default settings of WordPress URLs you will find numbers and parameters that designate the web page. For the purpose of internet marketing you will need URLs that make use of words and not numbers. You will get many options of customizing WordPress theme websites. The most easy and quick option is to use and display the post name of your website URL. You can use even a far more customized URL structure. This could prove great for you if you want or need your blog posts fall into the displayed category. We are big fans of post grouping that’s why we create URLs in our desired way.

Optimize your web pages
You can optimize your web pages by making use of Yoast SEO. This plugin tool is going to provide you sufficient help to customize the titles and meta descriptions of your web pages. If you do not do customization then the title tag of your web page will appear same like the page title of WordPress.

Conclusion:- WordPress is wonderful but it is not fully perfect. If you want to get your WordPress pages indexed on search engines then you have to optimize them according to the standard rules.


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