Job Board Plugins Available for WordPress and How to Use Them?

job bord1

Hello, how are you? Job board plugins are now available for WordPress. They have many benefits. In this post we are going to tell you about job board plugins available for WordPress and how to use them? In an idealistic way recruitment companies and job seekers can find each other on the web. Job boards can make the task much easier. However setting these job boards on your WordPress site could be a tricky job. You will find many WordPress plugins as well as themes that can easily create and manage a jobs board. It could be a perfect option if you need a website fully dedicated to jobs. Even a plugin could work well.

List of Jobs Board Plugins
If you have a free WordPress theme and need to create a jobs site then a plugin could help you well. Most plugins are suitable for those themes that are coded in a correct way. If you are not sure about which plugin to choose then here is the list from which you can pick compatible job boards plugin at WordPress:-

1) WP Job Manager

wp job
This is an active plugin at WordPress. Nearly 60,000 users have installed this plugin on their WordPress website. It has got 4.8 star rating. It is available for free and is a very popular option for creating a job recruitment website. It works on coding language and is compatible with any kind of website theme. It involves submission of front end jobs that can be easily managed through a user friendly administration panel. You can add a variety of free and paid add on to this plugin to enhance its features.

2) Job Manager

Job Manager is available for free. It is a top set plugin to manage listings of jobs and applications. Nearly 10,000 WordPress users have installed this plugin. It has got a 4.3 star rating. Besides doing submission of jobs candidates can apply for jobs, upload their resumes and receive notifications for interviews. This plugin is perfect for those companies and organizations who want to control the entire process of hiring candidates.

3) Simple Job Board

job bord
Simple Job Board is a plugin that can be used easily. It is a free and lightweight plugin that can be added to a WordPress jobs board on your website. Nearly 2,000 users have done active installations of this plugin. It has got a 5 star rating. This plugin can manage job listings with the help of WordPress administration panel. It can be shown on your website with the help of a short code. This plugin powered by WordPress has been designed for the purpose of extensibility. This jobs board helps you to create customizable job forms.

4) WP Job Hunter
This is a premium and easy to use flexible plugin powered by WordPress. It can be added to a jobs board on your WordPress site. This is a plugin that can be linked to many job portals so that you can promote various job vacancies across a number of networks from your own job portals. You will get many features at this plugin like customization of fields, page templates, statistics of visitors and much more. This is a handy plugin that you will love and appreciate by heart.

5) Jobs & Experts
This is a premium plugin that has been powered by WordPress. It also provides discounts on its cost price. Through this plugin recruitment companies can post job vacancies and postings from the front end. Job applicants can create attractive job resumes by using this plugin to impress job recruiters.

Conclusion:- If you are a job recruiter or a job seeker then you can use the jobs board plugin at a WordPress site. This custom pagination in WordPress without plugin  will help you to create job listings effectively.


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