Why do you need a Simple WordPress Theme for your website?

Since WordPress CMS are the most preferred ways of doing a website nowadays because you get complete control over your website and you can change things on your own without being dependent on anyone hence it has risen to the top list of CMS in the world.


Nevertheless through this article we will decide and discuss why a simple WordPress theme is better for your website and not very fancy or high price ones.


1. Loads faster: Always simple themes and templates will load faster because they don’t have any fancy sliders or any fancy items which would slow down your website and hence it makes a real impact on your visitors or users who quickly want to browse through your website in a hurry and have no time. Hence you should have a simple template which would mean you get your website loaded in no time and get reduced and minimum bounce rates.

2. You just have started your website: You probably just have started your website and don’t need too much of fancy items on your website also your information provided won’t make too much difference as you have just started. You just need 4-5 pages of content and important info to start and for the starting users who don’t have a good hand over WordPress CMS a simple theme should do the job initially. Once you understand everything then you can surely go for the more fancy one.

3. Focus on other items: You probably just have started your business so there are a lots of other things like hiring, enquiry, sales and other things you probably need to do. Hence you don’t want to spend time learning about the basics of a WordPress theme right now hence simple should do the job right away without much hassle you can handle it pretty much simply and without spending too much time on it either.

4.  Info is less: Information is too less initially and hence you shouldn’t have a big appearance website which makes you look like a small company. Instead choosing a WordPress simple theme would give you the edge over others as the information would be laid out nicely.

5. Still lot to do in marketing: Initially since your product or service is unknown there is a lot desired and a lot to be done and hence one should focus on marketing and content building and hence a simple website is better than to have a cluttered one which won’t serve the purpose.

6. Product or service is new: Since your product or service is new lot of people don’t know about it. And all you have to do is simply explain how your product or service work and how it can be used for the betterment.

Why people should think about hiring or taking your product or service also needs to be explained. All these need to be explained in a simple way and not too cluttered website will be beneficial in this case. Hence simplicity should be kept in the way it is told which will create a far better impact on users.

Lastly some of the important tools and plugins you should use with a WordPress theme are Google analytics which will give you analytics of visitors and their bounce rates and pages people exit upon which can help you improve your website overtime and also SEO plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO which will prove to be useful and better. Also one can try the different portfolio and gallery plugins which should help one focus on the showcase of the site.


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